How To Gamble

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Gambling has always been a hot topic among people with a little bit of a thing for games. I mean, if you were passionate about cards back in the days or using a pair of dice to have some fun with your buddies, chances are that you will love gambling games.

So the main question and actually also the whole purpose of this website is to enlighten you about one topic – How To Gamble? Gambling itself (taken from this page on wikipedia) is wagering cash on an uncertain event with your main goal being winning more cash.

I am a gambler myself and simply love to do so for real money, as the thrill that comes from having a shot at some significant payouts is hardly matched by anything else. Why am I saying this? So you would understand that this resource will be different than most of them out there – will be an information packed website that is developed and based on my personal experience and view on things. If a particular game or casino sucks, I will say it out loud. That’s one thing you can count on for sure.

20 Best Online Casinos for Canada, EU and New Zealand:

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Various Gambling Games

This is a really broad topic, as the amount of gambling games out there, either online or at land based casinos, is almost infinitive. Lets try to break these in the main categories along with a couple of bullet points for the main games. 

Casino Gambling


Gambling Sites

Similarly as the amount of games, aka ways to gamble, there also is a huge amount of gambling sites where you can gamble for real money online. Well, this is also somewhat the case with land based casino environments, but we’ll try to concentrate on the online games for the most part.

So how can you find a gambling site that fits your criteria and could be marked as a good one? It almost always depends, to be honest. You have to define what is it that you are looking for – Slots or Table Games? Do you also want to bet on sports while gambling casino games?

I have decided to take the same approach as with the games listed above – I’ll list a couple of gambling sites that I believe are the best for a particular category. However, I will also list a couple of all-in-one sites. Brands like William Hill are very strong in all of their offerings – be it Poker, Casino, Sports or Bingo, they have it all.

Beginners Corner

I have also prepared everything you might want to know about gambling in one place – kind of like a gambling 101 guide that includes all the ”how to play this game” guides along with depositing, withdrawing and installing gambling sites on your computer.

You’ll also find a couple of gambling strategies reviewed and explained regarding how to apply them for various games. While for the most part you won’t be able to gain an edge by using these, it’s still fun to apply them.


This is a word that excited people pretty much every time they hear it. After all ”bonuses” stand for something on top of the expected. This is exactly what these are in the gambling industry. You expect to gamble a particular game, but various providers of these games will also reward you with something extra on top – a bonus.

Usually bonuses within the gambling environment are awarded in pure cash, but sometimes casinos offer gadgets and actually go as far as offering cars. Bet365 recently ran a promotion where players had a chance of winning a Porsche Cayman S – yep a brand new Porsche for playing casino games.

Editors Cut

Finally, I hope you enjoy this site and make it your one stop location for everything related to gambling. I have put in a lot of effort to make this site as throughout and excessive as possible, but if you happen to have any suggestions on how I could improve – contact me! I’m always open to hear what people, especially my visitors have in mind!