Slot Machine Games

slots machine gamesSlot Machines are without a doubt the most popular form of gambling in the casino environment. Some might argue that BlackJack or Roulette is more popular, but if you enter a land based casino, you’ll instantly see it – the majority of games offered will be exactly these gambling machines with a large amount of people constantly playing them. So what’s the actual deal with them? What makes them so popular and exciting to play? I did not get it for a long time, but now I certainly do.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of these games is the simplicity… You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to play and win at these, same way, they do not require any mathematical or strategical knowledge. You simply sit down, insert a bill or deposit at an online casino site and you are good to go. All you have to do is click a single ”spin” button.

Another big and certainly important reason in regards to popularity is the chance every punter holds for a fat payday! That’s right, slot machines offer a chance to win huge, often for a relatively small wager. This is especially the case with progressive games where you can win several million by wagering less than $1. There’s no other game in the whole industry where this is possible.

Game Types

As with all other gambling games, slot machines are made in a really wide range of types. I’m not talking about the themes here, as these go into the millions for sure. What I’m referring to is the actual types of these machines that differ a fair bit. You’ll see fruit machines that are the classical slot machines and got the initial title simply because the most common symbols were fruits. Then there’s the modern video slots that stand out with high end graphics, exceptional features and often video footage based on the theme.

However, the most recent addition to the world of these gambling machines are 3D Slots. These are trully realistic and feature characters that look just like real. I’m personally a huge fan of these, as the level of entertainment provided by them is second to none.

Take a look at a couple of slot machine games that I have reviewed. Note that these are not randomly picked and I strongly believe that exactly the ones found below provide a top notch gaming experience.

Fruit Machines

Video Slots


Jackpot Slot Machines


3D Slot Machines


Various Features

Modern slot machines are simply loaded with various features and new ones are getting invented almost daily. It’s funny given that all of them still share the same main concept – spins. That’s actually also not true – there are new slot machines developed that use the concept of falling symbols instead of spinning them.

So lets start with the basics. Every slot machine consists of two main things – paylines and reels. Paylines are lines that can be used to wager money on them and use to form a winning combination. How is a winning combination formed? While it can depend on the particular machine you are playing, usually a winning pay-line is one where three symbols of the same appear on an active (wagered) pay-line in succession from leftmost to rightmost.


Reels are the rows on the slot machine each of whom holds symbols. Slot can feature anywhere between 3 to 5 reels, with most latest games featuring 5 reels.

Wild Symbols – wilds are special symbols that can be featured in a gambling machine and allow you to form more winning pay-lines. They will often substitute for any other symbols in the game.

Scatter Symbols – also special symbol that are mostly used to trigger any special features, such as bonus games or free spins.

Free Spins – an extra feature in a slot machine game that awards free rounds. You won’t be charged for spins, but the prizes awarded will be added to your real money balance.

Bonus Games – developed mainly for entertainment purposes, these are exciting second screen rounds that will often offer you to fight the bad guys or spin some huge bonus wheels, depending on what the theme of slot is.

Expanding Symbols – a feature usually used for the wild symbol, which expands and covers the whole reel from top to bottom, thus making it all wild and enabling you to win some major payouts.

Stacked Symbols – unlike expanding symbols, stacked ones do not expand when they appear. However, they are still better than usual ones, as stacked ones are 2 or 3 symbols of the same (usually wild ones) together. They have the potential to cover the whole reel, but there’s not guarantee that they will.

Sticky Symbols – sticky symbols are once again used for wild symbols most of the time. After this feature is triggered, a symbol will remain in its position for a previously disclosed number of re-spins.

Walking Symbols – a relatively new feature that I saw at NetEnt Slots for the first time. At that particular slot machine it was the walking wild feature that was triggered. Once I did it, the symbol kept moving to the left and re-spinning the reels until it was out of them.


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