How to Gamble with eCheck

eCheck gambling cardAn eCheck or instant check, also called as electronic check, is the electronic edition of usual paper check. This system of payment enables you to transfer funds from your bank account straightway to your online casino account. Rather than fill-in details on a paper check, you fill up an online form and just click a button for its submission. This is a quick and easy mode of payment, with an increasing number of casinos and poker rooms accepting it.

Many people prefer using eChecks for making their online transactions, especially when involving large transactions. It is an accepted mode of payment for most gambling sites.

EChecks are generally instantaneous. However, they differ from bank wires, which may take up to seven days. You are probably already using eChecks without realizing it. Straight deposits and automatic bill-paying services through your checking account are examples of eChecks.

How does eCheck work?

Working of eChecks is quite akin to paper checks and is equally reliable, if not more. Anybody having an e-check account can make payments, using this method, which is among the most extensively acknowledged ways of online transactions by international merchants.  In fact, eChecks are more secure than conventional checks as the chances of them getting lost are almost zero. Moreover, one can more easily prevent frauds by using eChecks. The only thing you need to do is write an eCheck, using specially designed electronic equipment and address to the payee electronically. The payee deposits the check to receive credit. Specified funds cleared by the buyer’s bank find their way as credits into the merchant account. EChecks guarantee fast and safe online transactions and have a variety of software and hardware that support their use.

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Currencies used

You get eChecks in American and Canadian dollars.

US Users

European and American users often use eChecks for completing their online transactions. However, a number of online gaming sites do not let US players use eChecks.

ECheck in Gambling

Online mode of gambling is a trend these days. Gamblers prefer playing online from the comforts of their home without having to go out. Each gambling website has designed its own way of accepting and making payments.

Different casinos follow diverse ways of making payments, and the electronic check is among the favorite modes of making payments. It offers a safe and dependable way of conducting online transactions.

In case you like online gambling, you may develop an interest in using the best casino eCheck online gambling site that accepts eCheck for making payments. You need to have an account with a bank for making payments through eChecks. ECheck is an electronic checking method that offers an electronic check to your bank for making payments.

Generally, the payment process of online eChecks for online casinos is as follows:

  • Open a casino account with an online gambling site.
  • You can deposit cash in your casino account by using the easy eCheck option facility offered by the online casino.
  • You can directly credit your casino account after withdrawal from the bank by the eCheck service


  • Cuts down the normal 2-5 days processing time that paper checks take
  • Provides user with comprehensive transaction details, with a clear auditing trace
  • The digital code helps to verify identity
  • Removes the hassles of paper accounts and documents
  • Totally web-based operation, and creates deposit-slips
  • Their tie-ups with other websites offers more benefits to the users
  • The users gain $25 when they use eCheck to make deposits at Jackpot Casinos that accept this payment option


Sportsbooks and eCheck

Most sportsbooks have evolved their personal policies for deposits by eChecks. Initially, they restrict eCheck use to only about $100-$300, but after verification of the account, may even allow you an enhanced limit for future deposits that could reach $1500 per day. These prescribed limits protect both you and the sportsbooks from rampant Internet frauds, because your eCheck deposits are all paperless checks.

Pros and Cons


  • The deposits are instant
  • You get a top security cover for the operations
  • Additional offers of casino bonus
  • ECheck provides 24×7 customer support
  • High processing speed of transactions
  • Simplified rules for transfers
  • Bank to casino direct transfers
  • Operates with a few simple mouse clicks
  • Extremely handy option for those without credit cards
  • The ACH system prioritizes eChecks
  • Allows for electronic re-deposit or re-collection up to twice more
  • EChecks have no charge-backs and are cheaper than other payment options like credit cards


  • Many people have an inbuilt resistance to the use of eChecks
  • Most sellers do not accept prioritizing eChecks like credit cards and restrain dispatch of goods against this payment option until it clears the payment.
  • A few days delay for bank withdrawals
  • Does not put a cap on gambling expenses


EChecks rate among the best-protected payment options on the Internet. In addition to the customary authentication by both the issuing bank and the receiving casino, the depositor has to add his/her digital signature. Apart from the encryption security that protects the eChecks, you also have a public key cryptology to reinforce the security, along with a system that prevents the easy online approval of fraudulent eChecks by casinos. Your encrypted personal data is secure.

Some Major Casinos that Accept eCheck

Some of the casinos that use eCheck are Inter Casino, one of the oldest existing online casinos with an excellent customer-support service. Another casino is the Betway Casino, which offers amazing promotions and bonuses.


Designed by the Financial Services Technology Consortium, a research group on bank technology, eChecks offer a strong payment proof, and operate securely using digital signatures and endorsements, besides a digital code that tracks all transaction steps. As far as online payments go, eChecks offer a more reliable, faster and easier option than the normal paper checks.

Millions of businesses worldwide who were erstwhile using paper checks in their transactions with vendors and the government, have happily jumped on to the electronic checks (eChecks) bandwagon, and have started using the security-rich commercial payment option on the Internet without the hassles of investing in expensive technologies. One must remember the stoic efforts of IBM, Nations Bank and the Bank Boston for undertaking the aggressive market trials of the eChecks in total collaboration with the FSTC.