How to Gamble and Win

gamble and winYou walk into a casino with fond hopes of making some money from the diverse games of chance they offer, little knowing that, almost always, the casinos have loaded the odds in their favor, making it literally impossible for you to walk out with sizable winnings at the end. However, if you want to learn how to gamble and win, and change your wheels of fortune, you would do well to remember some of the following.

Know Your Goals

First, make sure what you want to achieve. Would you be satisfied with playing for some time and making just a little profit, or would you just like to play only to enjoy the lovely ambience of the casino,  irrespective of whether it is a land based one or online?  Are you looking to win a big jackpot, or would you be satisfied with winning a few small jackpots? If you want to win at gambling, you must always have a reason and set your sights on a goal you want to meet.

Gambling Activities You Could Avoid

Avoid Some Games like Plague

 Strictly avoid those games like Slots, Keno and Roulette that the casinos always load abnormally in their favor. Other games to avoid where the house has enormous advantage are the table games that leave you very little likelihood of winning. Lotteries tempt you with seductive jackpots, but you have astronomically low chances of winning.

Avoid Sports Betting

It is better for you to bet on subjects that are close to you. Making bets on horse racing and other sports events may have their own attraction, but desist from making long shot bets that mostly disappoint you

Games You Could Try

Among the games that could offer you a glimmer of hope are Blackjack and Craps.

Blackjack: This is one of the most popular and basic of casino games where you play against the house. Starting with two cards each, the game proceeds by flipping open cards at random, trying to make 21 points, without exceeding that figure. Here, if you learn to know the odds that will help you with the statistics for a conservative game, you could use it to your advantage. Though rare, some Blackjack variations offer advantage to the players.

Craps: In this gamethe outcome of the dice rolls, whether it is a game between the players or between the players and the house, decides the winner. You have a clear possibility here for predicting the most probable rolls and extract some advantage in your favor. 

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Know Your Game and Practice It Before You Play For Money

Strategy is the key to success in many of the gambling games. If you take the trouble to read and learn about the games that you would like to play, and understand the matter of “odds,” you will find yourself better placed to play more strategically than at random and walk away with some winnings.  They say, “Practice makes perfect” and with reason. Once you learn the rules of a game thoroughly, take every opportunity to practice it, either with your friends or by playing for fun money that many of the websites offer to novices in the game. This is particularly important when playing Poker, where, knowing the rules alone may not guarantee you a win. Some of the other factors that can help you win are:

Set your limits: Always make your budget for the game before you start and never exceed it under any circumstances. You should definitely know when to stop, because if you are not careful and hit a losing streak, your losses can quickly cascade out of control.

The probability factor: You will find that statistic and math play a significant role in allowing you to arrive at the probabilities that form part of a game like Craps or Poker. These machinations should stand you in good stead while considering the real odds and not just your instinct.

Quit at the right time: This may present the most difficult step in gambling, but is also the most critical to save you from self-destruction. You will find it painful to leave in the midst of highly addictive games like Slots and Roulette especially if you have a winning run. You will see that the house has strongly stacked the odds in their favor and you have little chance to win in the long haul. Avoid the trap, cut your losses and quit at the right time. If you find you are ahead at any point of time, ignore your avarice and walk away.

Use All the Tricks in Poker

Poker is not just a game of chance, and a player with a better card hand cannot always win the game. This intriguing game involves careful betting, reads and bluffing, and you will normally find that the one who uses all these skills and presents a “Poker face,” will ultimately win. You would do well to play with fish (weak players) to eke out an advantage. Other important aspects that you should pay attention to are:

  • Learn your opponent’s habit and understand his calls. Be careful, do not get carried away
  • Learn to calculate the odds of the card you need and desist from long-shot bets
  • Wait for a good hand and have your opponents bid higher to enhance your profits
  • Know when you should split. Never split fives, face cards, tens or aces (some casinos have rules against splitting aces)
  • Know how to count the cards. This will give you a great advantage


The Martingale Betting System and Strategy

The Martingale represents one of the oldest existing systems of betting with a strategy that has continued its popularity from its origin in 18th century France. This strategy invokes the player to double his bets after every loss on the principle that his first win could recover all the losses from the earlier games and keep  a profit equal to his original bet. In other words, let us assume that you bet $5 on a game of Roulette or Craps. You have lost the first bet and now you double your bet to $10. If you lose again, you bet $20. If now you win the game, you will get $40. You see you have invested totally $5 + $10 + $20 to win $40. The extra win of $5 represents your original stake of $5, is it not?

The martingale is a good strategy for short-term play. Make your winnings quickly and quit, as the longer you play, the more chances you have of building up losses. The experts also opine that you should have enough bankroll to support your doubling options. You will stand a higher percentage chance of winning with an adequate bankroll.

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