How to Gamble with Dice

gabmle with diceThe history of dice dates back to the archeological excavation of a backgammon set as early as 5000 years back in the Burnt City in erstwhile Persia, which we refer to now as Iran. The excavation sites of the Indus valley civilization in India, which many consider the oldest civilization in the world, also found many samples of dice.

Dice is the plural for “die, ’ in singular and can derive its meaning from the French word “de, ” of Latin origin, which could refer to something you play or give. Technically, a pair of dice is something you throw, and each can rest on multiple (normally six) positions, thereby generating a set of random numbers, that make it ideal gambling devices for games like Crap. Some of the other common dice  games in casinos are Crap, its deviations, , Grand-Hazard, Die Rich Chuck-A-Luck, , Under and Over Seven, Klondike, , Ricochet, Sic-Bo, Big Six , and the like


See descriptions of some main dice games below:


The game of craps gathered great publicity in American households when the “a thriller called Big Town featured it.  Any number of players can take part in this game. In the role of a “shooter,” any player can cast a pair of matching dice in the hope of hitting a victory combination. Many people however mistake this game for bank craps that also, though a casino game is different.

The game starts like this. The prospective shooter, before the shoot, places a bet and the others in the game put up their own bets to match his stake. Any part of his stake the others do not match with his own, the shooter must withdraw.  If he wins, the shooter continues to not only shoot but also bet any amount, and if he forfeits or loses, the others in the game can take double their bet amount. Betting between other players on the chance possibility of the shooter winning or losing in the coming throws, is also another parallel part of betting process. However, in the game of Bank Craps, all players can place their bets solely the casino/house.

In this game, any shooter who throws a total of 7 or a 11 in the first throw wins the game, and if his first throw rolls in a 2 /3 or 12, he loses. At this point, the house settles the bets. If the shooter rolls in a 4/ 5/ 6/ 8/ 9/ 10, he gains those points for his own and retains the dice for continued rolling by instituting another bet, and the play goes on. However, if he plays a 7, he will forfeit his dice and his bet; but if he loses or quits the game, or he passes the dice to the player on his left


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This history of dice game dates back to the fourteenth century, and was at one time popular with the English who played it for lofty stakes.  This trendy dice game craps derives its name from the pet name crabs, cast in hazard as 1-1. The present day craps rules developed from old English name.

For playing hazard, the setter or banker places a bet. The player, also called caster, specifies a number from 5-9(main) and throws a pair of dice. If he nicks or throws in, he wins the bet. You can nick five by playing; 6/y 6 or 12; 7/ 7 or 11; 8/ 8 or 12; or 9 /9. The player loses the bet on hurling deuce or aces-ace (crabs or craps) or when hurling 11/12 to a main of 5/9, 11/ 6 or 8, and 12 / 7. Some other combination gives him one more chance and he keeps throwing until the chance occurs and he continues his wins or till the main appears and he loses. Then, the banker settles in excess of the bet, as per the specified odds. The French version of hazard demands the player to throw in opposition to the house, whereas its English version asks the player to throw against a rival.

Sic Bo (Grand Hazard)                      


The dice game comes with many names, though its original name is Grand-Hazard, while the Chinese know it as Sic Bo, meaning “dice bowl” because of the bowl containing three dice that they roll.


Primarily, the equipment consists of three pieces of dice with a string of leaning surfaces on which the falling dice tumble. The layout is sole difference between grand-hazard and chuck-a-luck. The latter has a more complex layout and allows betting on odds and evens, highs and lows and triples or raffles and an aggregate of numbers totaling  from four to seventeen on the dice. There is a large variation of chances favoring the house when players bet on any specific number.

Chuck/A/Luck, a game played with three dice, sometimes called hazard.

Some people call Chuck-a-Luck, a game played using three dice, occasionally as hazard.

Hazard was the most played game at Crockford’s, the famed gambling club opened in 1828 by William Crockford,

This brings into play a cone-shaped chute or a wire cage. The chute, also known as horn, is a product of metal or leather.  The expression ‘tinhorn gambler” derives its origin from those gamblers who introduced the game of Chuck/a/Luck using small cash and a metallic chute that worked out cheaper, compared to one made from leather.  The rest of the rules are the same as that of Grand-Hazard.

Games incorporating dice are traditional gambling games, played in modern casinos too. One may play the game using two or more dice but the law of probability is applicable to all. Strategy does not work with games using dice. Therefore, the chances of cheating or winning quickly, using dirty tricks are nil. A game making use of dice is a game of odds, which surely have exceptional ways of surprising people.  A usual western dice game comprises of two pieces of dice, each with six faces that one rolls together.  Dots mark each of the six faces, numbering from one to six.

The Long-Term Perspective

Have a long-term plan for your play. Even when you are in the process of losing, do not try beating the odds.  If you keep after the odds despite short-term losses, you will find recompense at the end. However, it may take longer than your expectations.  Taking risk against the odds can relate to fun when you want to indulge in casual dice games only.

Charms for Luck

Charms like trinket and such for bringing in good luck also add to fun. After all, we are all adults, well aware that at times, such charms apparently prove helpful and we are prepared to take chances once a while. You cannot ever take anything for granted in life!


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