How to Gamble on Sports

Sports betting logoThe world over, sports betting is among the most favored type of betting as it can be used for betting on a diverse variety of sports activities. You get a varied choice of making bets and if you are new to betting, you are sure to get overwhelmed. See below for a brief description of different kinds of bets, and check on how you can play these, without getting overwhelmed.

Many people consider sports betting as a kind of financial investment to invest their surplus funds in sports betting. However, most people who have no intimate knowledge of the betting industry will scoff at it being an option for investment and would rather go with the public perception that betting will ultimately lead to gambling addiction, bankruptcy and suicide.

These are the three most usual forms of bets: money line, over/under and spread. Easy to understand, you can apply these principles to nearly all sports.

Money online bet: It simply involves the right choice of the winning team. You need not specify the margin of win; just specify the team you think will win the match. Many players love this kind of betting for its simplicity. Though it is easy to bet in this fashion, the payout is not as large as in other cases. This is the most often used forms of betting for sports that do not involve scoring of too many points. Most people patronize “money online” for sports like Hockey and baseball.

The over/under bet: In this case, you need to bet if the total score of both the teams will be over or under a selected number. Let us say that the over/under for the Lakers-Celtics game was 190. It means that the total combined score of both the teams must read 191 or more to qualify for an “over bet.” Likewise, the combined score of both the teams would need to show a figure lower than or equal to 189 to qualify as an “under bet.” In case the combined score of both these teams is 190, they treat it as a push and you get back your original wager.

Spread bet: Probably, this is the most popular kind of bet. Here, the bookmaker decides by what margin one of the teams will defeat the other. This is the most preferred type of betting for sports like basketball and football. For example, let us say that the Steelers are playing against the Patriots in Pittsburgh, with the bookmaker providing a spread of -3 for Pittsburgh. It tells us that the bookmaker believes the Steelers to win by three points. In case the Steelers indeed win precisely by 3 points, they will treat it as a push and both the parties get back their money. The reason of spread bet’s popularity stems from its steady payouts. Generally, the return is $100 for every $110 bet.

Those were just a couple of the most popular forms of bets placed on all sports. These bets fall into the class of the “universally known” kinds of bets, wherever you might decide to bet, with whomever the bookmaker. In case your local bookie does not offer these betting options, you need to try some other place.

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In sports betting, “angles” form a big part of the betting system. People use them selectively; some use it while others desist from its usage. Some find its application useful and highly rewarding, but that is, if they use it responsibly to eke out the profit. You must understand the concept of “angle” before you start dabbling in it. Actually, “angle” represents a trend and “angle” bettors search and find a profitable past trend, find the circumstances of its occurrence in future games and place bets on it in fond anticipation of profit.

Sharp Money Bets

Smart money bets are the forte of the professional sports bettors, also called sharps. One can describe them as specialists who have done painstaking research and gained more knowledge on the subject of sports betting to gain an enviable quantum of knowledge. They also hold an insatiable bankroll, to target long-term betting unlike most bettors that search only for short-term involvement and gain.

Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile phone betting is fast catching up with its share of the quickly expanding sports betting market, and paving the way for easier ways to play. Online sports betting sites, having recently introduced diverse applications facilitating cell phone betting, and are slowly, but steadily becoming a mainstream phenomenon. In addition, the craze for owning smart phones is peaking, and everyone is making a beeline for it, realizing how easily they can place wagers through their devices, from any place, even if you do not have a PC.

The sportsbooks have effectively addressed most of the fears of the smart phone users on the important aspects of the Security break while wagering on their mobile, by fortifying their applications with various levels of security systems. Irrespective of whether you own an android, iPhone, a Blackberry or whatever, the phone companies have worked around all the problems to give you a safe and secure playing field.

Live Betting

If you, as a sports bettor, want to consider adding elements of high-risk tolerance and thrills, live betting is the place for you. Restricted earlier to horseracing, more locations and new sports are now offering a slice of their innovative games, but make sure that you are up to the enhanced excitement pumping your adrenaline to its limits, and stay away if your heart cannot sustain it.

The Internet has contributed in no small part to enhance not only the finest quality of betting, but also the facile introduction of means to conduct complex and daring live betting. Technology like distance gaming is now streaming live events to your PC screen at home to give you unforgettable real-time experiences of your life. Remember though, that the risks of such betting are high and the bookmakers honor only winning contracts.

Some good sports betting casinos in the world

Some of the excellent casinos in Europe that offer sports betting are the Bet 365 Casino, while in the US, you can try the WinPalace casino.


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