How to Gamble Online In South Africa

gamble in south afrikaGambling has remained highly constrained in South Africa since 1963. Subsequently, in 1965, the country legally banned all kinds of gambling except bets on horse racing that continued as a sport.

Towards the end of 1970, casinos started operations in the apparently independent districts of BophuthatswanaTranskeiCiskei, and Venda. Most of the natives of South Africa who inhabited these areas had no access to the casinos. Reportedly, about 2000 unlawful casinos were operating by 1995. With the coming into power of the new democratic government in 1994, they legalized gambling. In 1996, the National Gambling Act set up a system to have one licensed national lottery and many casinos. Now the gambling activities also included horseracing. The National Gambling Act of 1996 went on to regulate gambling activities in support of consistent norms and standards for gambling all over the country.

History of Legality of online casinos in South Africa

  • Until about 1995: Before the democratic government came into power in the mid 1990s, gambling of most kinds was against the law. Due to unavailability of formal laws for regulating or legalizing online gambling, citizens continued patronizing online gambling until such time that the government caught up with the popular trend at last.
  • The 2004 National Act: This act prohibited the Act of offering and indulging in gambling online. It scared most of the renowned South African gambling operators. Consequently, many casinos, particularly owned by foreigners, decided to quit that market.
  • The 2008 Act on National Gambling Amendment: Legislators, attempting a reversal of this law through faced a high opposition from brick and mortar casinos that considered online gambling a major threat to their existence.
  • The Supreme Court Decision (2011): Piggs Peak Casino lost its case in the Supreme Court of South Africa that considered as illegal, offering the South African populace the exciting pleasures of online gambling. The court in its ruling referred to the Gambling Amendment (2008). However, the amendment is still in limbo, hardly offering any control over casino operators and their players.
  • Virtually Legal:  Notwithstanding the clear ruling of the Supreme Court (2011) that offering online gambling was illegal, practically the legal standing for the provider deems gambling as effectively legal. That stems from the verdict that only attacked physical casinos. As most of the online casinos have overseas proprietors who stay outside the South African Government’s jurisdiction, it enables these casinos to continue their operations for the benefit of gamers.
  • Legal Risks: The gamer himself in SA is not at any legal risk and continues to make deposits and withdrawals while playing games in online casinos. Only casinos are at risk.
  • Prospects for the Future: With effect from April, the tax on brick and mortar casinos will go up by one percent. That is apparently to generate extra revenue through gambling. Therefore, the question now is not whether the Amendment of 2008 would really go through, but when will it go through, to make online gambling legalized here in S.A. as in the United Kingdom.!

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Present Trend

The recent years have seen a rush of international gambling establishments trying to accommodate the South African Rand players into their online operations, and seem to go about this with an unusual vengeance. As in other countries of the world, the economic condition portends a scenario of impending gloom that threatens to engulf the country. Under these circumstances, any kind of income is welcome, and the online gambling business, with its enormous potential for profits and resulting huge tax revenues for the government, presents itself like an indispensable and insatiable source of income to the state. The experts opine that this alone is a great impetus for a country like South Africa to accept online gambling regulations in the country.

The Demand for Online Gambling in South Africa

South Africans have come to relish the thrills, pleasures and the genuine conveniences of sitting in their homes and taking part in attractive online games that have not only the audio-visual and graphic quality but also the true ambiance and live dealers to compare with the best of the brick and mortar casinos. These online games offer them odds similar to the land-based casinos and they have the easy flexibility of playing anytime in the day or the night without having to experience the discomfort of traveling to or dressing for a casino visit. Choosing the casino carefully can give those hours of safe and transparent casino play.

The Fascination for Dwell Dealers

Using the distance gaming technology to stream in games played in real-time and providing you the exciting opportunity of playing, interacting and chatting with the beautiful and buxom dealers unleashed by the casino from the comforts of your home that will account for more hearts pounding with the thrill of the game. They also refer to these dealers as dwell dealers and they help to strengthen a stronger escalating bonding between the players and dealers and a stunning gaming experience.

The New Casinos and Their Amazing Offers

Online casinos, desirous of getting into the system must have a clean reputation above everything else, legitimate licensing, high standards of gaming and diversity, latest gaming technologies, Sound platform for equitable play, safe and secure deposit and withdrawal options, and most importantly, customer service capabilities beyond compare. Such casinos, besieged with the prospects of their overreach into ZAR casino options in front of them, will probably start with amazing offers of no deposit bonus codes to attract the newcomers into their pioneer online gaming experience, without really having to spend their hard-earned money, on a no-risk basis. Surely, the prospect of hitting a massive progressive jackpot on the casino’s free offer is too good to refuse. You can open the windows of the online casinos to search for and find the no-deposit bonuses that give you a free opportunity for success.

Deposits and Withdrawal Funding

After choosing your favorite casino, funding your deposits and withdrawals takes on important overtones. Make sure that your casino employs the safest payment options and assures your security online. Try out payment instruments like PayPal, e-wallet, credit cards, Neteller and many more safe options, while always playing safe and on the side of the law.

The Motivating Factor

You can see that online gambling regulation in South Africa is imminent because of the interest the authorities are evincing on the online gambling income generated both in the country and outside it. While the 2010 figures of gambling amounts wagered in South Africa showed $3.5 billion or Rand 257.6 million, the corresponding figures in the European Union for 2011 was $112 billion. What a comparison!

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